About a company

Our company offers forwarding services and organises international shipments of all types of cargo to European, Baltic and CIS countries.

Our strategy and target is development and participating in the management of the whole complex of national infrastructure of logistics by choosing, combining all the means according to high international  standards which helps to build up management of the whole logistic chain, providing quality service to our customers within Ukraine and outside of the country.

Our logistic managers create and execute the whole logistic managing chain for international as well as internal cargo shipments. This gives us an opportunity to organise and to control the cargo every moment on the way from manufacturer to consumer. While choosing all the possible ways to fulfil the logistic tasks we always put customers needs first. Our work is targeted on providing a high-quality service to a client.

As a forwarder we provide you with high quality transportation services due to our fleet of trucks. It implies good planning, task solving and truck tracking at the same time.

Shipments are fulfilled by our own trucks and also by the trucks of our regular partners. This allows to react on-the-fly to customers requests and to fulfil delivery almost of any goods in the shortest terms as for oversized, heavy, super heavy cargo, also we are experienced in shipping of ADR cargo.

We also have good cooperation with many European forwarding and transport agencies. Due to our cooperation with the leading transport companies we have an opportunity to use all the advantages of long-term partnership, fully fulfilling our obligations to the customers.

According to your request we will choose an optimal transportation scheme for you individually: import, export, transit.

Truck shipments are the most economical and beneficial type of cargo transportation.

Truck shipment benefits: quick delivery, cargo tracking, responsibility for the goods, high-level cargo control

its location and status during shipment. Our managers guarantee full control of the delivery from the order  placing until its final delivery due to direct contact with a truck driver.

Experience and knowledge of our employees allows to plan and organise shipments of consolidated cargo with maximum efficiency and on time, providing optimal results which is the key to a mutual cooperation.

International shipments and forwarding the main activity of our company. Our trucks are adapted to any type of cargo.

All the trucks have CMR-insurance, Green Card insurance, Auto-Casco insurance.

Civil responsibility insurance. After many years in business we have a good international logistic partners network which important for efficient deliveries.

We bear full material liability for the cargo accepted for shipment and guarantee high quality of the service provided, our long-term customers are the proof to that. We treat every client individually, analising all the moments and details which is the most important constituent of our successful business.

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